Dialogue warholien

Philip had some philosophical idea he had evidently ben developing in the course of the evening and now I was going to hear about it. 

He said, "I've figured out a whole philosophy on the idea of waste as evil and creation as good. So long as you are creating something it is good. The only sin is waste of your potentialitites."

That sounded pretty silly to me so I said, "Well of course i'm just a befuddled bartender, but what about Lifebuoy soap ads, they're creations all right."

And he said, "Yeah, but you see, that's what you call wasteful creation. It's all dichotomized. Then there's creatve waste, such as talking to you know."

So I said, "Yeah, but where are your criteria to tell waste from creation ? Anybody can say that he's doing a creation whereas what everybody else is doing waste. The thing is so general, i don't mean a thing."

Well, that seemed to hit him right between the eyes. I guess he hadn't been getting much opposition. At any rate he dropped the philosophy and I was glad to see it go because such ideas belong in the "I don't want to hear about it" department as far as I'm concerned.

William S. Burroughs & Jack Kerouac, And the hippos were boiled in their tanks, Penguin Books, 2008

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SysTooL a dit…

J'aime bien le titre du recueil, en tout cas... ensuite, pour la discussion, en effet, difficile de trancher entre l'art et le n'importe quoi...


Damien a dit…

En fait, ce n'est pas un recueil mais un roman inédit "à quatre mains".